Yoshi Puzzle 1: Shell Boosting

Course ID: 3E9E-0000-0309-789E

A possibly rare technique involving Yoshi and a Koopa shell.

Concept and theme:
This is a basic puzzle level where you are given the tools immediately (Yoshi and koopa), and your job is to figure out what combination of tricks is required to progress.

The very first technique (used to get the key) was the inspiration for the level (and possible Yoshi Puzzle series). I hadn’t seen this trick used in any other level prior to making this course. I’m not even sure how useful it really is anywhere else, which is probably why nobody ever implements it in their courses.

I am hoping to release other Yoshi Puzzles later. I just need to think of other rare or unique tricks that are hardly useful and require some out-of-the-box thinking.

Puzzle levels are a different animal. When I think of a regular platforming level, the basic goal is to travel through the area and learn as you go. You get used to the spots where you die or barely escape death, and you keep trying with the knowledge and skills that you’ve gained along the way until you get to the end.

For most puzzles, on the other hand, you need to pause and think about how to tackle each obstacle. It’s a lot more problem solving than brute force. I think the best Mario puzzles out there make players really have to think hard to progress, but the solutions are actually really simple or logical once you actually get it. (did that make sense?)

Be on the lookout for more Yoshi Puzzles!