100% Run, From A Non-Speedrunner

This is more of a “fun” rendition of Bowser’s Army Base. A lot of the inspiration for this actually came from watching hundreds of CarlSagan42 and GrandPooBear videos during my lunch breaks. This obviously isn’t kaizo, but it is a decent enough platformer with relatively intense goals (100 coins, three 1-ups, kill Bowser).

I got the idea to make these rules up because it seemed excessively challenging. From the beginning, I never really expected anyone to actually want to do this 100% run because it seems like too much, but that motivated me more to finish the course design. Now, I have a lot of fun playing the course, despite how long it actually took me to record a perfect run. (btw it is incredibly satisfying to hear the 1-up tune on the 100th coin at 6:29).

I, myself, am not much of a speedrunner, nor am I involved in the speed running community. However, as a spectator, I really appreciate speedrunners a lot because of the good influence and professionalism that these pro gamers bring. Before YouTube and Twitch, we would only hear about recent discoveries, new records, or famous gamers from magazines or websites (via text and pictures only). Now, when there is a new glitch or trick, it’s plastered everywhere in online videos for everyone to view, try, and verify (sort of scientific). Or, for general entertainment or charities, people compete for world records on a week by week basis across different countries – even for games that are over 20-30 years old.

How crazy is it that we have come this far in the video game world? Now, you can play games for a living, help a local cause, or entertain thousands to millions of people at a time.

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